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WTF is a Solanum?

Solanum, LLC provides in-field service for trucks, industrial machinery, and some automobiles. Since 2018 we have been working hard to refine, define, and execute specialized field service procedures for the machinery we work on. This remains our primary purpose. Please visit to learn more and to contact us for service needs.

In the course of our continual drive to improve what we do and the industry we work in, we sometimes develop proprietary practices, tools, and procedures- although our primary reason for doing so is to improve internal operations, we frequently find these tools to be a marketable product in their own right. The Car Noise App ("CNA") is one of them. It differs from our usual stock in trade enough that we feel it warrants its own distinct brand and support structure.

The CNA line of business is not a separate company, nor do we anticipate it will become one. It is our steadfast belief that combining field experience with the development of diagnostic products gives us something greater than the sum of its parts.

To answer the original question literally, Solanum is the genus that contains potatoes and tomatoes. Our first several customers (who we still do business with) are commercial vegetable farms, and we liked doing business in that industry enough that we named the business after a potato.

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