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What does the Car Noise App do?

The software uses sensory data from your device to determine whether or not certain categories of mechanical fault are likely to be present in your vehicle.

How do I use the app?

While operating your vehicle in a safe, controlled environment (parking lot, garage, etc.), place the device on which the app is installed on a soft, secure place inside the vehicle. The passenger seat usually works well. Using a bare, uncased device is recommended but not strictly necessary. Reduce sources of extraneous noise by turning off the radio and HVAC blower, and rolling up the windows. If possible, stay away from sources of external noise. During a test drive, press the "Start" button on the app screen. After 15 seconds, the software will automatically stop recording and indicate whether or not likely problems are identified.

Is it helpful for me?

The intended use case for the Car Noise App is to provide rough guidance as to whether a particular car or light truck is likely to have mechanical problems in any of 5 broad categories (Suspension, Engine, Brake, Accessories, and Exhaust). The app is not intended to identify particular components, nor to confirm with certainty that a problem is present or absent. It is intended to reduce the amount of time spent looking for malfunctions which are not likely to be present. The app is designed to be used by vehicle owners with no technical expertise, by sales and administrative personnel in the auto service industry, and by auto technicians with lube tech or trainee levels of technical knowledge.

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