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How it Works

Vintage Telephone

Step 1.
On the phone, we'll go over what kinds of vehicles and machines you have, and how Solanum can help you with servicing them.

Step 2.
We'll make a site visit if neccesary, then issue a written quote or estimate.


Most of the work we do can be done on a fixed quote, so you know exactly how much the final bill will be. For some diagnostics situations, we'll give you an estimate for the diagnostics- and then once we know the problem, we'll make any repairs under a fixed quote.

Sometimes, for new accounts, a payment is due before work begins.


Step 3.
You'll review the FAQ & Terms document available here.

This is a lot like the sheet a doctor gives you so you can prepare for an appointment- except, on our list, most of the items are things you DON'T have to do. The mobile service experience is simpler than many people think!


Step 5.
At the end of the month, you'll receive a net-30 invoice.

Step 4.
We'll perform the service at your site.

Vintage Cash Register
Holding Hands

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